Pro Sanctity National Convention (Western Region Gathering)

Dynamic Speakers, Prayer, Formation, Fellowship, Entertainment

Rev. Scott Traynor, Pro Sanctity Priest Friend

Talk I: The Message of Pro Sanctity Movement: Dialectic of the Maximum

Jessi Kary, AO, National Director of Pro Sanctity Movement

Talk II: The Transforming Power of the Nucleus: Pro Sanctity Small Groups

Jeremy Bowers, Pro Sanctity Midwest Local Board President

Talk III: What Does the Pro Sanctity Movement’s Message Mean to Me?

Greg Weise, National Co-Director of Pro Sanctity Movement

Talk IV: Personal Holiness & Apostolic Initiatives

Come be a part of the mission of promoting the universal call to holiness!

Program for Children, ages 5-10, please note children’s names and ages with registration. The program is appropriate for ages 11 and up and will include peer small groups. Food is included with the registration price. Questions? or 714-449-0511.